Management Board

  • Olga Glukhova
    Member of the Management Board, Managing Director (Legal)

    Olga Glukhova graduated from Saint Petersburg State University in 1994, majoring in law.

    For over 20 years she worked as a lawyer in the financial sector, holding managerial positions with Promstroybank of Russia, Transcapitalbank, the Inter-regional Department of the Bank of Russia’s Service for Financial Markets in the Northwestern Federal District, and a number of commercial banks in Saint Petersburg.

    Before joining the EDB, Glukhova worked at the Central Bank of Russia as deputy head of a division of the Service for Protection of Financial Services Consumers and Minority Shareholders in the Northwestern Federal District.

    She has been the EDB’s Managing Director (Legal) since 2016. On 3 April 2017, Glukhova was appointed to the Management Board.

  • Amangeldy Issenov
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

    Amangeldy Issenov graduated from the Karaganda Metallurgical Institute, majoring in the economics and management of iron and steel works. He also holds an MBA degree from Almaty Management University.

    In 2000-2002, Issenov was chief specialist at the Public Borrowing Department’s Lending Division at the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan. In 2002-2003, he was chief manager and treasurer at the Small Business Development Fund. In 2004-2005, Issenov was financial director at Agromashholding and in 2005-2006 he was vice president for finance at Kyzmet Servis A. From 2006 to 2008, he was deputy director for economics and finance at Adalstroiservis NS and in 2008 headed the financial department of Agroimpex. From 2008 to 2017, Issenov headed the Budget Lending Department of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan.

    Since July 2017, Issenov has been Managing Director (Block 1 Business Development) at the Eurasian Development Bank. He became a member of the Management Board on 19 February 2018 and was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board in June 2018.

  • Olga Komarova
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

    Olga Komarova graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. In 2005-2018, she headed the General Department of Federal Customs Revenues and Tariff Regulation at the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. In January 2018, she was appointed as advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of the EDB, and in June 2018 became a member of the Management Board. 

  • Andrey Krainiy
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, State Secretary

    Andrey Krainiy graduated from Lviv Higher Military-Political School and the Russian Academy of Public Administration. In 1979-1988, he wrote for and edited the Na Boyevom Postu newspaper of Moscow Air Defence District, and in 1988-1994 he was special correspondent and head of a department at the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. In 1994-1996, Krainiy was general director at the Russian-Swiss joint venture Sokol, and in 1996-1998 president of Agroprodsnab. In 1998-2003, he chaired the boards of directors at the Kaliningrad Package Factory and the Baltic Fish Cannery. In 2003-2007, Krainiy was director of the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port, and in 2007-2014 headed the Federal Agency for Fishery. In 2017-2018, he was president of the Russian Angling Federation, an all-Russia civil society organisation. In January 2018, Krainiy was appointed as advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board at the EDB, and in February 2018 State Secretary, Head of International Affairs & Media Relations of the Bank. He joined the Management Board in June 2018.

  • Berik Mukhambetzhanov
    Member of the Management Board, Managing Director (Finance)

    Berik Mukhambetzhanov graduated from the Kazakh State Academy of Management. In 1993-1997 he worked at the National Bank of Kazakhstan; in 1997-1998 at BTA Bank (formerly Bank TuranAlem); and between 1998 and March 2006 at HSBC Bank Kazakhstan, first as deputy financial controller and since 2003 as financial controller and member of the Board. In 2006, Mukhambetzhanov became Director of the Audit Department at Samruk Holding.

    Since 2007, Mukhambetzhanov has headed the Planning and Reporting Department at EDB and in September 2010 he was appointed Managing Director (Finance). He became a member of the Management Board of the EDB in December 2010.

  • Andrey Chernenko
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

    Andrey Chernenko graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Journalism, and the Academy of Social Sciences at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He is a candidate of law. Chernenko served in the Navy and worked in the media. Between 1989 and 2005, he worked for executive agencies of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and national security agencies. He also headed the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation and several federal services. For more than six years Andrey Chernenko was vice president and then senior vice president at VTB Bank.

    Chernenko was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the EDB on 10 August 2015. He is in charge of liaising with government authorities, as well as supervising security, compliance control, and administration.