• Yaroslav Lissovolik
    Chief Economist, Eurasian Development Bank

    Yaroslav Lissovolik joined the Eurasian Development Bank as its Chief Economist in 2015. In 2001-2004 he worked in the International Monetary Fund, where he was Advisor to the Executive Director for the Russian Federation in Washington. In 2004 Yaroslav Lissovolik joined Deutsche Bank as Chief Economist; in 2009 he became Head of Company Research in Russia and in 2011- a member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank in Russia.

    Yaroslav Lissovolik earned a BA in Economics from Harvard University; an MA in International Economic Relations from Moscow State Institute of International Relations; an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, holds a PhD in Economics and is a professor at the department of World Economy at the Diplomatic Academy.

    Yaroslav Lissovolik is a member of the Advisory Council of the Central Bank of Russia, a member of the Council on foreign and defense policy and a member of the Bretton Woods Committee.

    In 2012 Yaroslav Lissovolik became a member of the Expert Council of the Russian government as well as the Working group on macroeconomic policy of the Presidential Economic Council.

    He has published books on Russia's entry to the WTO and on Russia's integration into the world economy, as well as numerous articles and papers on economic and policy issues.

    Tel.: +7 (495) 258 27 60 (ext. 2750)

  • Aleksei Kuznetsov
    Senior economist, Eurasian Development Bank

    Aleksei Kuznetsov joined the EDB Chief Economist Office in January 2016. Prior to that from January 2014 he worked as a Belorussian economy expert and specialist in macroeconomic modeling in the EDB Centre for Integration Studies. In 2006 - 2014 he worked at the National Bank of Belarus where he was responsible for macroeconomic analysis and forecasting. Aleksei finished postgraduate studies at the Belorussian State Economic University in specialty “Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economy”. He published several working papers.

    Tel.: +7 (495) 258 27 60 (ext. 2743)

  • Aigul Berdigulova
    Economist, Eurasian Development Bank

    Aigul Berdigulova joined the EDB Chief Economist Office in May 2016. Prior to that she worked at the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, where she conducted research in different areas: balance of payments, inflation, monetary sector, forecasting and modeling of main macroeconomic indicators. She was the secretary of the Editorial Board of the quarterly publication of the NBKR "Balance of Payments of the Kyrgyz Republic" (2006-2008 years, 2010-2011 years). In 2012-2014, she was a member of the Editorial Board of National Bank’s publications such as "Inflation Report of the Kyrgyz Republic", "Financial Sector Stability Report of the Kyrgyz Republic". Aigul Berdigulova holds a Master's Degree in International Development from the International University of Japan.

    tel.: +996 (312) 66 04 04 (ext. 2315)