Conferences and round tables

Since 2008, the Bank has arranged an annual International Conference on Eurasian Economic Integration. Over the years, it has become an effective platform for communication and information exchange among financial institutions, government authorities, and businesses. Discussions and recommendations made at the conference help to devise new approaches to the Bank’s investment policies and constructive proposals for the development of the EAEU.

The latest, 12th Conference took place on 31 October 2017 in Moscow. It brought together heads and representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, ministries and government authorities, national companies, international financial institutions, academia, businesses, experts and artists from the Bank’s member states and other countries. During the plenary session and thematic sections, the participants discussed important issues of Eurasian integration, the special role of multilateral development banks in infrastructure projects, Industry 4.0 challenges, and the development of a single Eurasian humanitarian space, among other issues.

Past conferences of EDB

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