EDB and EFSD Chief Economist Evgeny Vinokurov took part in the IX Annual Conference on the Global Economy “Fragile World Economy: Challenges of Divergent Recoveries” held by the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

15 December 2021

The expert shared his views on the megatrends magnified by the Covid-19 crisis, the transition to a green economy, and a rising divide between advanced and developing economies with the focus on digitalization and access to education. He commented on the root causes of the rapid surge in asset prices and explained why the inflationary impact will take longer to neutralise than initially anticipated. Evgeny Vinokurov specifically focused on the potential debt crises on a country levels and commented which countries are at risk, why, and what can be done. The expert provided key macroeconomic indicators of the EDB and EFSD member states for 2022.

Conference recordings are available online at the Youtube-channel of the School of World Economy (Higher School of Economics, Moscow).

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