Pereboev, V. (2017) Eurasian Public Diplomacy: New Instruments for the Protection of Interests of the EAEU in Global World. National Security and Strategic Planning, 4 (20), pp. 136–142.

12 March 2018

This article raises the question of the need for the EAEU member states to implement joint projects and programs that could combine the efforts of previously isolated and competing public organizations (NGOs) and commercial companies in protecting the interests of the Union in the global information and economic space. Acting in the international public space from the joint positions and in the interests of the EAEU, the “Eurasian” alliances of companies and public organizations of the Union member states, creating goods and information products under the brand “Made in the interests of the EAEU”, could significantly change the nature and perception of the Eurasian Union and realize the full potential of integration.

Keywords: Eurasian Economic Union; EAEU; Eurasian integration; public diplomacy; joint projects.

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