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Vinokurov E., Pereboyev V. (2016) Mapping the Potential EU-EAEU Cooperation Agenda: Readmission Agreements, Visa-Free Regime, Labour Migration, Mobility of Pensions, Large-Scale Educational Exchanges, Recognition of Professional Diplomas and Certificates.

16 September 2016

By Evgeny Vinokurov, PhD (Econ), Director of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies, and Vladimir Pereboyev, Head of Projects at the EDB Centre for Integration Studies.

This paper deals with a potential long-term cooperation agenda of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) on the movement of people. The paper provides a brief technical background on five various issues. It argues for the visa-free regime; advancing large-scale academic exchanges; introducing the mobility of trans-border pensions between two integration blocs; and partial recognition of professional certificates and diplomas. At the same time, authors argue against prematurely raising the issue of the labour migration in the EU-EAEU context.

Keywords: Eurasian Economic Union, European Union, regionalism, migration, labour migration, visa regime.

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