Request for proposals

14 March 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Eurasian Development Bank (hereinafter the «EDB» or «Bank»), international financial institution, and the project initiator (hereinafter «the Client»), announces the intention to engage a Consultant with appropriate qualification to assist the Bank in financial and technical supervision under the investment project «Reconstruction and expansion of main water supply pipeline «Astrakhan-Mangyshlak» 1st stage».

Consulting services involve financial and technical supervision of investment project by issuing the reports in accordance with term of reference.


Reconstruction and expansion of main water supply pipeline «Astrakhan-Mangyshlak, 1st stage

Project location:

Atyrau and Mangystau regions, Republic of Kazakhstan

Form of cooperation:

Agreement for consulting services


Request for proposals

Publication date:

March 11th 2022

Closing date:

Not later than April 11th 2022 till 18.00 (Nur-Sultan, GMT +6)

Payment conditions:

According to schedule proposed by the Bank

Assignment start and duration: Assignment shall start at the date of signing the Consultancy Services Agreement and be effective until complete fulfillment of obligations. 

For the above purpose, the Bank seeks to engage the Consultant which should be compliant with profile and criteria as specified in the Appendices below. 

Term of provision of consulting services: Consultant is responsible for provision the following reports under financial and technical supervision:

  • Zero report – within 15 calendar days from signing date of agreement with Consultant (total number of reports – 1).
  • Progress report – on quarterly basis (total number of reports – 8).
  • Final report – by the end of the project (total number of reports – 1).
  • Preparation of engineering notes – before each withdrawal (total number of reports – 24).
  • Ad hoc Report – within 7 working days in case of inefficiency and misuse of credit funds provided for realization of investment project, or other events which can affect on term, budget of the project.

Consultant assessment criteria: The criteria will focus mainly on applicant’s resources available to execute the Assignment, including the following:

  • Significant experience and track record of executing similar projects in the past as well as the Consultant’s expert team profile
  • Presentation of Consultant’s team;
  • Experience in cooperation with Banks;
  • Evaluation of working plan (internal quality control system, working plan and management of Consultant’s resources).

Important information:

  • Consultant qualification requirements (Appendix 1).
  • Terms of reference (Appendix 2). 

Submission Requirements: 

In order to determine capability and experience of the Consultants seeking to be selected for this Assignment, the information submitted should include the following:

  • Consultant’s proposal (including Consultancy Services Price, including all required taxes and other payments);
  • Counterparty Questionnaire (Appendix 3)
  • Consultant check-list (Appendix 4);
  • Consultant portfolio (Appendix 5).
  • Notices and acknowledgement on presence/absence of conflict of interest (Appendix 6);
  • CVs of key experts who could carry out the Assignment detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments, particularly assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including information on contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided, assignment budget, main activities, objectives.

Consultants interested to apply are invited to submit their applications to the Bank.

The Expression of Interest should contain all the information referred to therein, together with supporting documents. E-mails for sending the applications are:,

Due to the temporary restrictive quarantine measures in Nur-Sultan, the Bank temporarily does not accept the originals of the package of documents. However, the Bank has the right to request originals of any document, if necessary.

In this case (in case of request) postal address is as follows: 55/20 Mangilik el. (AIFC space) Block C 4.1. (2nd floor), Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Preferred language for the Expression of Interest is Russian. Where supporting documents have originally been issued in English, such documents should be submitted together with a certified translation into Russian.

Subject to the satisfactory outcome of the due diligence, the Bank shall invite the relevant Consultant to enter into the Consultancy Services Agreement. 

In case of any questions, please, contact by the above Emails.

This Invitation for Expression of Interest is not the announcement of a tender and does not provide rights to the participants and provide no base for any obligations taken by the Bank.

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