Projects of EFSD - Eurasian Development Bank

The EFSD provides financial resources for projects designed to:

  • assist EFSD member states in overcoming the effects of the global economic crisis;
  • ensure long-run economic sustainability;
  • promote integration in the region.

The above objectives are met both by extending financial credits to member states governments in support of their budgets, balance of payments and currency exchange rate, and in the form of investment loans to governments or companies implementing interstate investment projects.

The mandatory eligibility criterion for such financial support is the inability to borrow from the capital market to enable full-scale implementation of the project.

The minimum amount of EFSD investment loans is set at US$30 million for countries with GNI per capita over US$ 5,000 and at US$10 million for all other countries. The minimum amount of EFSD financial credits is set at US$10 million.

Besides, since 15 June 2015, up to 10% share of the EFSD annual net profit can be used to provide grants to the Republic of Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan.

Grants are available for social projects of the member states in the following social spheres:

  • education;
  • healthcare;
  • good governance;
  • social security and protection, including food security.

The amount of grant provided for one project is:

  • not less than US$ 500 000 and not more than US$ 2 000 000 with a term of implementation of up to 1.5 years;
  • not less than US$ 2 000 000 and not more than US$ 5 000 000 with a term of of implementation of over 1.5 years.

You can find the detailed information about the EFSD financial instruments here

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