Project description

The project will expand and modernise the production of cold-formed seamless stainless-steel tubes by CYBERSTEEL’s Tube Drawing Shop 7.

The key products to be manufactured at the new project-funded facilities are cold-formed seamless tubes. The product range includes seamless stainless-steel tubes with different diameters, wall thicknesses and steel grades.

CYBERSTEEL products are in demand in the most high-tech industries throughout Eurasia. Healthcare, mechanical engineering, chemicals and petrochemicals and the nuclear industry are the sectors that use seamless stainless-steel tubes.

Goals and objectives

The project goal is to expand and modernise the production of cold-formed seamless stainless-steel tubes.

Project objectives:

  • Bringing the quality of manufacture to world-class levels
  • Mitigating environmental impacts: elimination of hard-to-remove graphite-containing grease and aggressive chemical treatments, introduction of new degreasing units and conversion of rolling mills to liquid grease
  • Ensuring highly automated production and greater productivity
  • Increasing production capacity from 8,800 to 15,100 tonnes by 2027

Figures and facts

15,000 tonnes
annual sales of upon completion
from 44% to 11%
reduction of seamless tube imports to Russia
new jobs


Integration effect

The project is expected to increase mutual trade between the Bank’s member states. CYBERSTEEL supplies metallurgical products to EDB countries. EAEU countries (primarily Belarus and Kazakhstan) are the main destination for seamless tube exports. In addition, part of equipment is supplied from Belarus. The project will promote the development of common markets in metallurgical products.

Contribution to the SDGs

The project contributes to economic growth by increasing output and tax payments, which is in line with SDG 8 “Decent work and economic growth.”

The project helps to develop competitive and innovative industries in line with SDG 9 “Industries, innovation and infrastructure.”

Alignment with the principles of investment complementarity and mobilisation

The project helps to mobilise private capital. The owner contributes not less than 30% of the project budget. In addition, the project is supported by government development programmes

CYBERSTEEL, Russia’s manufacturer and supplier of stainless-steel tubes
Project value
RUB 9.4billion

Project manager