Technical assistance in financing investment projects

Under this Programme, the Bank considers providing technical assistance to potential parties to investment projects in which the Bank may also participate in the future. The main objective of this Programme is a preliminary identification of investment projects in prioritised economic sectors, in the member states, aimed at reducing risks, shortening project preparation lead time, and enhancing the efficiency of the projects.

The following matters can be considered under the Programme:

  • preparing a preliminary feasibility study and environmental impact assessment of a project or a programme;
  • conducting marketing studies in order to ensure the efficiency of proposed projects;
  • developing terms and mechanisms of financing large investment projects which require the resources of several participants (consortium);
  • training and upgrading the qualifications of the participants’ staff involved in investment projects in order to build a strong profile of a potential borrower; and
  • assessing the need for institutional development, creating mechanisms as to the administration of the project and its monitoring during the implementation phase, and providing other support for project implementation.

The final phase of each project under this Programme culminates with the assessment of the project’s efficiency and the preparation of recommendations for applying its results to other member states of the Bank.

The resources of this Programme may be helpful to those potential borrowers who do not have adequate funds for conducting a pre-project identification.