Round table

Promoting sustainable development in Central Asia
November 16, 2023
with the participation of international organizations and multilateral development banks
Round table of the
Eurasian Development Bank

Online format
Roundtable participants will be presented a report on Efficient Irrigation and Water Conservation in Central Asia.

The issue of water shortages in Central Asia is escalating, especially in agriculture.

Irrigation accounts for 80% of the water consumed in Central Asia
  • The sector relies on irrigation, being the primary water consumer, and has a poor track record with regard to the efficient use of water and land resources.
  • The EDB estimates that by 2028–2029 Central Asia will be faced with a chronic water deficit, irrespective of yearly variations in water availability. This situation requires urgent action.
  • The EDB is recommending ten practical steps to safeguard irrigated land potential and promote water conservation.
Round Table programme

Welcoming speech by Nikolai Podguzov, Chairman of the EDB Management Board

10:00 – 10:05 (UTC+6)


“Irrigation and water resources in Central Asia”

10:05 – 11:30 (UTC+6)


  • Evgeniy Vinokurov

    Vice Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Economist, EDB

  • Dmitry Petrin

    Senior Operations Officer, Program Manager for Central Asia Water and Energy Program (CAWEP) Trust Fund, World Bank Central Asia Regional office

  • Yaozhou Zhou

    Principal Water Resources Specialist of Sectors Group of Asian Development Bank

  • Arman Ahunbaev


    Head of the Center for Infrastructure and Industrial Research, EDB

“Environmental and social standards of IFIs”
12:00 – 13:00 (UTC+6)
Moderator: Conrad Albrecht – Managing Director, Head of the Directorate of Sustainability, EDB


  • Armine Yedigaryan

    Environmental Safeguards Specialist, Asian Development Bank

  • Chaohua Zhang

    Principal Environment and Social Development Specialist – Head of the E&S Team, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

  • Conrad Albrecht


    Managing Director, Head of the Directorate of Sustainability, EDB

“Practical examples of cooperation between MOs and IFIs in the implementation of projects in Central Asia»
14:00 – 15:00 (UTC+6)
Moderator: Denis Ilin –Senior Managing Director, EDB

Closing remarks by Nikolai Podguzov, Chairman of the EDB Management Board

15:00 – 15:15 (UTC+6)
We are open for prompt cooperation