Investors – Eurasian Development Bank

Since its inception, the Eurasian Development Bank has endeavoured to create the most favourable environment possible for its borrowing. By taking advantage of optimal conditions in the capital markets , the Bank has succeeded in securing ongoing financing for its investment activity, despite the volatility of the international and local capital markets.

Due to the fact that the EDB finances its investment activity predominantly through raising funds in debt capital markets, the Bank is active in different segments of these markets. The Bank’s total borrowings since its establishment exceed US $7.2 billion (transaction history). The financial instruments the Bank uses include Regulation S/Rule 144A securities (EMTN Programme), Regulation S (ECP Programme), domestic bonds in RUB and KZT, bilateral and syndicated bank loans, including dedicated financing covered by international ECAs, etc.

The EDB's priority is to establish long-term and trustworthy relationships with various types of investors based on transparency and high corporate management standards. The Bank designed a specific set of IR (Investor Relations) instruments in order to achieve this goal and approved as a set of Investor Relations Guidelines.

The Bank issues annual and half-yearly financial statements in compliance with IFRS. ans also publishes annual reports. Special presentations for investors and analysts are updated regularly. During deal and non-deal roadshows, and teleconferences on the EDB's financial and operational results, the Bank’s management holds regular meetings with key investors and investment analysts.