KZT bonds

EDB has bond programmes registered in Kazakhstan and Russia.

In Kazakhstan EDB registered its KZT 150 billion bonds programme and in December 2012 it successfully placed KZT 9.9 billion domestic bonds (series 1) due in December 2017. In April 2013 EDB placed KZT15 billion due in April 2018 and registered another KZT 200 billion bonds programme. In October 2013 EDB made a tap to its series 2 bonds for KZT 17 billion, therefore, the aggregate outstanding nominal amount of series 2 bonds is approximately KZT 32 billion. In August and September 2014 EDB placed two KZT bonds (series 3 and 4) each KZT 20 billion. In May 2017 EDB placed KZT15 billion due in April 2020. In October 2017 EDB placed KZT20 billion due in October 2020.In 2018 EDB placed 5 issues for the total amount KZT90 billion. In February 2019 Bank placed KZT 20 billion due in February 2022. In May 2019 Bank placed another KZT 50 bln due in May 2024. Also in March 2019 EDB made a debut placement of 3-month short-term discount KZT 10 bln bond.

In 2020 EDB registered its third its KZT 250 billion bonds programme and in August 2020 it successfully placed KZT 40 billion domestic bonds (series 1) due in August 2022.

These bonds are listed on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. The funds are used for financing Bank’s investment activity in Kazakhstan.

Please see the prospectus and the terms&conditions related to outstanding bond issues: