Intensified integration in Eurasia has stimulated the Bank’s work in this area. In 2011, the EDB Centre for Integration Studies was established to organise research and prepare reports and recommendations for member-state governments on issues of regional economic integration. The Centre is a mobile, dynamic think tank that conducts multiple research projects and major ongoing studies, and publishes articles and monographs.

The Chief Economist Group publishes a Quarterly Macroeconomic Review containing current and forecast macroeconomic indicators of the EDB member countries. It reviews their macroeconomic policies and economic growth strategies, as well as providing overviews of global trends in the commodity and financial markets. Important issues surrounding economic development in the EDB member countries are discussed in the regional and global context in special reports published as part of the Quarterly Macroeconomic Review. Leading indicators are reviewed monthly. Further, in his commentary, the EDB’s Chief Economist reviews economic developments in the Bank’s member states and the global economy. The Chief Economist Group is also involved in research projects.

The Strategic and Industrial Research Department (SIRD) develops the Bank’s strategy for respective periods, undertakes a wide range of industrial studies, including surveys of investment opportunities and risks in the EDB’s countries, for the Bank’s project divisions and top management, following an established schedule of research or as ad hoc requests of the Bank’s top management and other divisions. It also assesses the Bank’s investment projects for compliance with the EDB’s mission, strategic objectives and the Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, coordinates cooperation with international financial institutions and international organisations, and administers the Technical Assistance Fund. Its experts also publish research articles in various periodicals.

Integration research

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