Technical Assistance

The Bank extends financial assistance to investment projects and research aimed at fulfilling the Bank’s mission at international, country and industry levels.

For such purpose the Bank established the Technical Assistance Fund with the operations complying with the best global practices and international standards of corporate management.

For the purpose of projects and programme management the Fund established the Fund Management Committee, a permanent collegiate body effecting preliminary consideration and approval of financing from the Fund’s resources from the Bank’s own and attracted donors’ capital.

The final decision on projects approval under the Fund’s Programme and provision of the Fund’s resources is adopted by the Bank’s Management Board. The Technical Assistance Fund’s programmes are based on and prepared in compliance with the Bank’s mission and its strategic goals and objectives as well as with the outlook of achievement thereof.

The Bank developed the procedures ensuring the transparency of the Fund’s operations and informing of the Bank’s participants and public thereof on a regular basis. The projects consideration process by the Fund is of a competitive nature. The compliance of the goal and objective with the Bank’s mission, feasibility and development of the budget and implementation schedule, assessment of desired outcomes, qualification of the persons implementing the project as well as the possibility of continuation of activities on the project upon the lapse of the term of the loan are the core criteria of project assessment. Close attention is given to the projects and programmes with investment outlook.

The TAF in brief:

Established in 2008

Cumulative portfolio: 65 projects totalling US $7.3 million

The TAF’s portfolio structure as at 1 April 2018:

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