Key Products – Eurasian Development Bank

The Bank is flexible in approaching its clients and provides financial instruments, which suit them the best and help to minimise risks:

Limited recourse project finance

(on its own or in syndicates with other financial institutions)

A form of project finance where the project bears the main risks, however with partial/limited distribution between project participants (the project company, investors/sponsors and other parties) so that each of the participants bears the risk that depends on them.

Investment Loans

Targeted long-term loans to upgrade and/or enhance existing production facilities or set up new production, with lengthy periods, a grace period, and a possibility to provide equipment purchased with the loan as collateral

Equity participation

Project finance by purchasing a share in the project company or providing subordinate financing

Structured trade finance

Financing imports of fixed assets (including industrial equipment, machinery, mechanisms, as well as related engineering, startup and supervision services), construction and reconstruction of production facilities with the use of trade finance instruments and loans from foreign financial institutions against guarantees from national export support agencies.

Pre-export finance

Finance extended against confirmed orders from foreign buyers and used by an exporter to finance manufacture and supplies under a foreign trade contract, with the possibility of direct payments from the importing buyer to the Bank

Additional products

Leveraged acquisition finance

Leveraged acquisition finance, leveraged/management buy-out

Finance and operating lease

Finance and operating lease