RUB bonds

EDB has bond programmes registered in Kazakhstan and Russia.

In 2009, EDB registered its four non-convertible coupon bonds (Series 1, 2, 3, and 4) for the total amount RUB 20 billion with the Federal Financial Markets Service in compliance with Russian law and regulations governing international financial organisations. The bonds of Series 1 and 2 are currently outstanding and listed on the Moscow International Stock Exchange.

In August 2012 in addition to four RUB domestic issues, EDB registered another seven non-convertible coupon bonds (Series 5-11), series 5-8 were successfully placed during year 2013. Series 9 Notes were placed by EDB in June 2014. Series 10 Notes were placed in July 2016. Series 11 Notes were successfully place in February 2018.

In June 2018 EDB registered termless exchange bonds programme on MOEX. Maximum amount of the bonds that can be placed under the programme is RUB 200 bln or the equivalent in other currency. Under the programme EDB placed three exchange bond issues for the total amount RUB 48 bln.

Please see the prospectus and the terms&conditions related to these bond issues: