Direct payment notice to noteholders

16 September 2022

EDB Thanks all investors for their support of the proposed Extraordinary Resolutions that were adopted by the Meeting of Noteholders today, September 16th, 2022. Successful adoption of the resolution allows EDB to proceed with the repayment of the Series 3, U.S. $ 500 million Notes due 20th of September 2022 including a Direct Payment Option which will be offered to any investors who wish to receive funds directly.

Investors will be able to submit election forms for Direct Payment Option until end of day on September 20th whereupon EDB intends to proceed promptly to transfer the  principal and interest in respect of the Notes that have not elected the Direct Payment Option to the Principal Paying Agent for distribution via Clearing Systems and, upon satisfaction of the conditions precedent, to Noteholders that have elected to be paid by a Direct Payment Option.

In order to receive Direct Payment, noteholders should request EDB at the form of Direct Payment Election Notice, sing and submit to EDB at  before 03:00p.m. London time on the 20th of September 2022 the following documents. Direct payments will be available in USD, RUB (at the rate set by the CBR for the date of payment) and KZT (at the rate set by the NBK for the date of payment) at the option of Noteholders.

1.       Signed Direct Payment Election Notice
2.       Proof of holding as of 19th September 2022
3.       Confirmation of preferred currency of Direct Payment and Account details of the Noteholder to which Direct Payment should be credited signed by the or on behalf of the Noteholder

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