VI International Conference “Customs Union and EurAsEC’s Common Economic Space: Prospects for Further Integration”

October, 13-14, 2011, Almaty.

The participants of the conference will focus on the most important issues such as the summarisation of experiences of economic integration in the EurAsEC and CIS member states; search for new ways of multilateral interaction and cooperation between them; evaluation of prospects for the formation of the Eurasian Common Economic Space (CES); and coordination of anti-crisis measures in the countries of the region.

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Ефремова М.
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Касымова С.
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Либман А.
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Шинкарук Л.
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Широв А.
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Ушкалова Д.
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Вашанов В.
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Восканян М.
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Елубаева Ж.
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Поболь А.
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Ушкалова Д.
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Яковлев А.
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Либман А.
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Умаров Х.
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Широв А.
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