The Kyrgyz Republic’s Ministry of Digital Development and the EDB Fund for Digital Initiatives agree to continue their collaboration

02 February 2024

Almaty, 2 February 2024. Tigran Sargsyan, Vice Chairman of the Eurasian Development Bank’s (EDB) Management Board, met with Nuria Kutnaeva, the Kyrgyz Republic’s Minister of Digital Development, during the Digital Almaty 2024 Forum.

The minister thanked Tigran Sargsyan for the Fund’s consistent attention to the nation’s digital agenda and its support for various initiatives and projects in the country.

Tigran Sargsyan presented an e-document management initiative aimed at facilitating cross-border trade between businesses in Russia and Belarus and those in Armenia and invited the Kyrgyz Republic to join this initiative.

Concluding the meeting, the parties agreed to maintain regular communication regarding ongoing projects and continue their active collaboration in supporting new digital initiatives.

Additional Information:

The EDB Fund for Digital Initiatives was established in June 2020. Its objective is to assist the EDB member states in creating digital transformation tools and practices by integrating their information resources and participating in developing and financing projects. The Fund’s flagship project is the COVID-19-Free Travel mobile app used in nine CIS countries.

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is an international financial institution investing in Eurasia. For more than 17 years, the Bank has worked to strengthen and expand economic ties and foster comprehensive development in its member countries. The EDB's charter capital totals US $7 billion. Its portfolio consists principally of projects with an integration effect in transport infrastructure, digital systems, green energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. The Bank’s operations are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG principles.

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