EDB listed its global US $3.5 billion EMTN Programme on the London Stock Exchange in 2008. The Base Prospectus was registered in compliance with Regulation S and Rule 144A.

There is currently one outstanding USD denominated Eurobond issue effected under its EMTN Programme in accordance with Rule 144A/Regulation S and listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Eurobonds are held by international investors based in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Tenge denominated Eurobonds. In 2009, EDB issued Tenge denominated Eurobonds in two tranches of KZT 20 billion (approximately US $133 million). The coupon rate is linked to Kazakhstan’s CPI. The Eurobonds were traded on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. The Eurobonds are held by Kazakhstani investors. This Eurobond issue was redeemed by the Bank in April 2014.

USD denominated Eurobonds. In 2009, EDB made its debut US $500 milllion Eurobond issue with five-year maturity and fixed coupon rate 7.375% per annum. On 23 September 2013 EDB tendered its outstanding Eurobonds (trough BNP Paribas as intermediary bank). The total nominal value of tendered and redeemed Eurobonds was U.S.$379.4 million. The outstanding volume after the tender was U.S.$120.6 million. This Eurobond issue was redeemed by the Bank in September 2014.

In September 2012, EDB made its second international U.S.$500 million Eurobond issue due in September 2022 with the fixed coupon rate 4.767% per annum. In addition to that, in September 2013, the Bank launched another U.S.$500 million Eurobond issue (simultaneously with the Tender Offer) due in September 2020 with the fixed coupon rate 5.0% per annum.

RUB denominated Eurononds. In October 2012 EDB made Rouble-denominated Eurobond issue for RUB 5 billion with the fixed coupon rate 8.0% per annum. It was Regulaton S based issue. This Eurobond issue was redeemed by the Bank in October 2017.

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