Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2010

01 December 10

The current volume presents 13 contributions, structured in four sections. The Yearbook starts with a major section entitled Data and Events, prepared by EDB analysts. The section on Regional Integration and Regionalisation features four papers on the general findings of the EDB System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration, the results of research on the effects of external shocks on the CIS economies during the latest economic crisis, the issue of integration trends in Central Asia. The section on Financial Integration and Common Currency combines accounts by theoreticians and practitioners of financial and currency integration. The section on Sectors and Issues features papers on specific aspects of importance of regional cooperation. Overall, the Yearbook intends to provide a dynamic overview of integration processes in the post-Soviet ‘Eurasian’ space and the challenges to which the Northern and Central Eurasian states will have to provide adequate responses.

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