Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration

The Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration is a quarterly journal of regional integration studies published In Russian by the EDB. The Editorial Board of the journal consists of authoritative researchers and practitioners in regional integration. The Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration publishes original research on the issues of economic and political integration, reviews, as well as a quarterly chronicle of regional integration. While concentrating on economics, the journal publishes materials on a wide range of issues relevant to regional integration. The editors welcome original research on such issues as theories of regional integration applied to the post-Soviet arena; economic integration (trade, investment and finance); institutional integration; international experiences of regional integration; and other relevant issues.

Since 2013, all abstracts and keywords are available in English.

Since January 1, 2016 the Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration ceased to exist. The complete archive of the journal’s issues (2008–2015) is available online at the website of EDB, as well as at electronic libraries and Cyberleninka.