EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook

EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook publishes papers and other materials on a wide spectrum of regional integration issues. The core of the Yearbooks consists of the English versions of papers that were published in various Bank publications throughout the year. They are complemented by a regional integration chronicle for the year. With this yearbook, we intend to make available high-quality publications in the Russian language to a global audience.

As of today, two issues of the Yearbook have been published. They were warmly welcomed by the global scientific community. The readership of the Yearbook is growing year by year.

Apart from the articles, which have already appeared in the Journal for Eurasian Economic Integration, we accept new papers, written in English or Russian for publication. The editors welcome original research on such issues as theories of regional integration applied to the post-Soviet arena; economic integration (trade, investment and finance); institutional integration; and other relevant issues.