The Centre’s reports

The key activities of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies include organisation and implementation of research projects dealing with a broad range of regional economic integration issues. The Centre’s research findings are presented in its analytical reports periodically published in the following main research directions:

Over the seven years since its inception, the EDB Centre for Integration Studies has become the leading analytical centre dealing with the Eurasian economic integration. Supported by acknowledged experts, it has published ca. 50 reports, which are publicly available, open-access resources. 

The Centre’s publications are distributed electronically. Subscription requests can be left here.

  • Belt and Road Transport Corridors: Barriers and Investments
    The report presents an analysis of the impact that international freight traffic barriers have on logistics, transit potential, and development of transport corridors traversing EAEU member states. Restrictions discussed in this report include infrastructural (transport and logistical infrastructure), border/customs-related, and administrative/legal barriers. The authors also provide the recommendations regarding removal of barriers that hamper international freight traffic along the China-EAEU-EU axis.
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  • Silk Road Transport Corridors: Assessment of Trans-EAEU Freight Traffic Growth Potential
    The report presents the results of quantitative assessment of freight traffic growth prospects along the China–EAEU–EU axis. It provides a description of general trends affecting development of shipments subject to commodity structure and mode of transport. Special attention is paid to factors driving changes in freight traffic. The final part of the report offers an assessment of additional freight traffic which may be attracted to transport routes along the China–EAEU–EU axis, in the short and long term
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  • National Currencies in Mutual Payments within the EAEU: Barriers and Prospects
    The aim of this research project is to identify regulatory, institutional, economic, and other restrictions impeding the use of EAEU national currencies in settlements. Based on a high-level survey and a comprehensive analysis of its findings, the authors have developed recommendations on ways to strengthen the role of EAEU national currencies in mutual settlements. 
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  • EAEU and Eurasia: Monitoring and Analysis of Direct Investments 2017
    According to the new findings of the ongoing research project, Asian investors continue to increase direct investments in the EAEU. During the monitoring period (2008–2016), FDI stock originating from 12 Asian countries (China, Japan, Turkey, India, Israel, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Singapore, and Vietnam) has increased from $32 billion in 2008 to $75.6 billion in the beginning of 2017.
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  • EDB Integration Barometer – 2017
    The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU, Union) continues to enjoy significant trust and support from between 50% and 83% of the population of its five member states, as well as Tajikistan (69%). At the same time, positive attitudes towards Eurasian integration have been declining gradually, both in the EAEU countries and beyond. 
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