Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2011

01 December 11

This edition of the EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook brings together a set of authoritative papers and in-depth studies examining important aspects of regional integration.

The Yearbook opens with a Chronology of integration and disintegration processes in the post-Soviet area in 1991-2010. The Global Crisis and Post-Soviet Regional Integration section consists of four papers that study the state and trends of cooperation between the CIS member states during the global economic crisis. The Yearbook also features papers on developing institutions of regional integration, economic cooperation and integration processes in different industries and sectors, as well as historical and social aspects of integration. The section on Data and Events of 2010 covers the functioning of the Customs Union, the creation of the Single Economic Space, the activities of development banks in the region, main macroeconomic indicators and other key issues affecting regional integration.
Overall, the information and analysis contained in the Yearbook will provide answers to any question regarding the latest developments in post-Soviet integration.

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