Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2012

01 December 12

The 5th edition of the EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook, which the Bank has published annually since 2008, is compiled of 20 important analytical studies, structured into four sections.

The section on the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space features papers relating to economic impact, including that of potential enlargement. The section on the Economics of the Post-Soviet and Eurasian Integration aims to knit together what we call the "two Eurasian integrations" — that is, the post-Soviet and continental ones. The section on Advanced Economic Cooperation in Sectors and Industries features three sectors: air transportation, electric power, hydropower and water management in Central Asia. The fourth section, Data and Events, reflects the structure of previous Yearbooks representing a very substantial source of information for researchers and students.
Overall, the Yearbook is an attempt to provide a dynamic overview of integration processes in the post-Soviet "Eurasian" space and of the challenges to which the Northern and Central Eurasian states will have to provide adequate responses.
Overall, the information and analysis contained in the Yearbook will provide answers to any question regarding the latest developments in post-Soviet integration.

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