Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2013

01 December 13

The 6th edition of the EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook, which the Bank has published annually since 2008, is compiled of 16 research papers, structured into four sections.

The section on the Eurasian Economic Union-2015: Deepening and Widening Regional Integration features papers relating to challenges and opportunities related to the establishment of the Union in less than two years. The following section, Monitoring Integration Processes, is built around the permanent projects executed by the EDB Centre of Integration Studies, namely the Integration Barometer and the Monitoring of Mutual Investments. The section on Advancing Functional Economic Cooperation features applied studies of four issues: grain, commodity exchange trading, mechanical engineering in the CIS, and water management in Central Asia. The concluding section, Data and Events, reflects the structure of previous Yearbooks representing a substantial source of quantitative data and digests for researchers and students.

Overall, the Yearbook is an attempt to provide a dynamic overview of integration processes in the post-Soviet ‘Eurasian’ space and of the challenges to which the Northern and Central Eurasian states will have to provide adequate responses.

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