Integration research

The EDB Centre for Integration Studies was established in 2011. It is a compact and efficient think-tank within the EDB which provides information and analytical support for Eurasian integration processes. The key objectives of the Centre are to organize research work, as well as prepare reports and recommendations on regional economic integration matters for the governments of the Bank’s member states. Since its creation, the Centre has earned the reputation of a serious and reliable source of high-quality Eurasian integration analytics.

EDB Centre for Integration Studies specializes in applied quantitative research. It focuses on macroeconomic modeling (particularly in the EAEU context), currency and monetary issues, mutual investments, mutual trade, regional organizations and their activities, development of cross-border infrastructure, labour migration trends, and public perceptions of integration.

EDB Centre for Integration Studies is a mobile and dynamic structure. It is involved in numerous projects and major ongoing research efforts. The projects are organized and implemented, and analytical reports based on their findings are subsequently published, within the framework of the following core research directions of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies:

Over the six years that have passed since its inception, EDB Centre for Integration Studies has become the leading analytical center dealing with the Eurasian economic integration. Supported by acknowledged experts, it has published ca. 50 reports, which are publicly available, open-access resources. The Centre has prepared more than 50 notes and briefs for Presidential Administrations, Ministries of EDB member states, and the Eurasian Economic Commission. EDB Centre’s team has also authored 4 monographs in Russian and English, including “Eurasian Integration: Challenges of Transcontinental Regionalism” and “Holding-Together Regionalism: Twenty Years of Post-Soviet Integration”. In addition to that, numerous research papers in academic journals, articles and comments in analytical periodicals and media appear on a regular basis. 

During the period from 2008 to 2015, EDB Centre for Integration Studies supervised the publication of quarterly research journal of Eurasian Economic Integration which carried research articles, reviews, interviews, and quarterly chronicles on regional integration in the Russian language. Over the eight years, the journal published 29 issues with a total of more than 260 articles. The range of the Centre’s periodicals is complemented by the annual Eurasian Integration Yearbook. The six yearbooks that came off the press in 2008-2013 contained English versions of selected articles from the Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration, regional integration chronicles, and other materials.

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