Eurasian Economic Union

17 October 2017

Edited by Evgeny Vinokurov. Authors: Evgeny Vinokurov, PhD (Econ); Dmitry Korshunov, MBA; Vladimir Pereboev, PhD (Pol. Sc.);                    Taras Tsukarev, PhD (Econ) (EDB Centre for Integration Studies).

The monograph serves as a full-fledged introduction to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) — its institutions, legal foundation, evolution, and, above all, economic integration issues. The authors focus on the common markets for goods, services, capital, and labour, as well as the EAEU foreign economic policies. They strive to provide a balanced analysis using a variety of approaches. In 300 pages of text, augmented by 50 tables and figures, the authors not only present a plethora of facts on economics and politics of the Union, but also attempt to explain why Eurasian integration processes are evolving in this particular way. Furthermore, they indicate the tasks and problems that the Union may have to deal with over the next 10 years. 

The authors look forward to your feedback. Questions and queries are welcome at: (EDB Centre for Integration Studies).

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