Regional Integration Database (RID)
RID is a publicly available, open-access resource. The most up-to-date version of the database can be found at: Regional Integration Database (RID). The EDB Centre for Integration Studies invites the experts to extensively use the database when conducting qualitative and quantitative research. The proper attribution to RID must be given by including a link to this source. We welcome any feedback on Regional Integration Database (RID).

Regional Integration Database: Analytical Report

13 November 2015

The EDB Centre for Integration Studies has completed the work on its first analytical report based on Regional Integration Database (RID). The author of the report conducted the structural analysis comparing the EAEU with other regional organizations (ROs). The application of RID enabled to provide a comprehensive profile of the advantages and disadvantages of different integration models, the elements of which can be effectively used in the context of the EAEU development.

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