Regional Integration Database (RID)
RID is a publicly available, open-access resource. The most up-to-date version of the database can be found at: Regional Integration Database (RID). The EDB Centre for Integration Studies invites the experts to extensively use the database when conducting qualitative and quantitative research. The proper attribution to RID must be given by including a link to this source. We welcome any feedback on Regional Integration Database (RID).

Regional Organizations: Typology and Development Paths

18 August 2016

The report presents the results of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies’ ongoing project “Regional Integration in the World.” One of the aims of this project is comprehensive analysis of regional integration organizations in the world and later application of the findings in facilitating the processes of Eurasian integration. The report Regional Organizations: Typology and Development Paths provides the key conclusions and recommendations which are based on a detailed review of sixty organizations.

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