Purpose and objectives of the project

Transport connectivity and access to markets are among the most significant challenges for the EAEU+ region and Eurasia as a whole. The lack of direct access to the sea, which is especially relevant for Central Asian countries, increases transport costs, makes production less viable, limits company profits and affects the welfare of the population. We see the solution in strengthening internal and trans-Eurasian transport connectivity and creating

Description of the project

The Eurasian Transport Network is a system of international transport corridors crossing the Eurasian landmass along East–West and North–South axes. The Eurasian transport corridors extend as far as China, India and the European Union, enabling the network to become a tangible foundation for a Greater Eurasia. Unlocking the full potential of the Eurasian continent’s economy relies on the seamless transport connectivity that digitalising transport can provide.

Figures and facts

Connectivity could boost traffic by 40%
Carbon footprint 25% lower compared to the maritime route
Alternative to the Suez Canal, halving delivery times for cargo transported from India and China to Europe
Increase in North–South container traffic by 15 to 30 times

the future

Key integration megaprojects