Purpose and objectives of the project

Establishing the infrastructure to support a common market in agricultural goods in the EAEU+

Description of the project

The project will encompass the completion of analyses including a comprehensive inter-country study of trade turnover, trade balances for food products and the existing infrastructure; identification of transport and logistics corridors and prerequisites for operating wholesale and distribution centres; and drafting proposals for a single digital platform and harmonised legislation.

The Eurasian Commodity Distribution Network is an open, integrated system for managing the flow of agricultural commodities within the EAEU from the producer and down the logistics chain to retailers.

It is expected that the ECDN will be based on a digital platform used by public and commercial entities operating in:

  • agriculture, including small enterprises engaged in agricultural production
  • logistics infrastructure, including wholesale and distribution centres, trade and logistics centres and special warehouses
  • food transport infrastructure

The digital system would be designed to incorporate data from existing national information systems and those of private companies operating in the ECDN member countries.

Figures and facts

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Key integration megaprojects

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Key integration megaprojects

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