Industry research

This section presents regular analytical surveys and reviews prepared by the Strategic and industrial research department» (SIRD) to enhance the Bank's project activities. These include, in particular:

The SIRD is EDB's division servicing both internal and external users. Its key functions include:

  • Strategic monitoring: The SIRD takes direct part in providing strategic analysis and planning EDB operations, including the development of strategic documents and review of strategy fulfillment.
  • Research for EDB's investment and project activities The SIRD undertakes the whole range of industrial studies, including the surveys of investment opportunities and risks in the EDB’s countries, for the Bank's project divisions and top management, following an established schedule of research or as ad-hoc requests of the Bank's top management and other divisions.
  • International cooperation: The SIRD coordinates EDB's contacts with international organizations and international financial institutions with respect to the Bank's operations. It is also responsible for reviewing the prospects and terms for new members joining the Bank.
  • Technical assistance: The SIRD administers the Technical Assistance Fund (TAF), which was established in February 2008 to support the formation of the Single Economic Space and the Eurasian Economic Union and to provide technical assistance to the Bank's member states in order to strengthen their market infrastructure and promote stable economic growth.
  • Organisation and conducting EDB's annual international conference Eurasian Economic Integration: for many years, the SIRD has arranged the international conference on economic, trade and investment cooperation, regional interaction, and the status of and development prospects for the EAEU industries.