Mission and strategy

1 copy_v1.jpg The Bank’s mission is to promote the development of market economy in EDB member states, their sustainable economic growth and the expansion of trade and other economic ties through investment.

Under its updated Strategy, EDB is planning to build up the volume of its current investment portfolio to US $3.3 billion by end-2017. Being a supranational institution, the Bank will identify potential options of its member state cooperation and integration, link the value chains present in the region, including those in industry, and take further steps to identify and participate in infrastructure projects in its member states. In this context, the share of financing regional integration projects should make at least 50% of the total investment portfolio.

Under its Strategy, EDB will focus on projects generating integration effects in the following sectors:

  • energy generation;
  • machine engineering;
  • mining;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • infrastructure.

Following an instruction of the Bank’s Council, a new section on Expansion of EDB Membership has been added to the Strategy.

Certain mechanisms of the Strategy implementation are developed, inter alia in the part of mobilising essential funding and liquidity in local currencies. Under the approved Strategy, the Management Board of EDB is instructed to sign memoranda of cooperation with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank.